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Leather Floors! Leather Walls! Leather Tiles are Setting New Design Trends!

February 29th, 2012 skbi

By Andrew Brown

Leather floors? Leather walls? Absolutely-Idaho Leather Co. There is a real market for leather tile today, more than ever before and the reasons are many. First and foremost, it’s gorgeous! Second, it’s durable!

To demonstrate the durability, Taber tests were used to show that Idaho Leather Tiles were six times more abrasion resistant than the competitions! Also, the tiles tested favorably against a standard oak hardwood with two coats of Urethane finish! This doesn’t mean there will never be bumps, dents, and small scratches, but the time worn look of leather is one that is desired by many.

HGTV has used leather tile at least six times this year, and Lisa Laporta even did a bathroom floor in tile!

Diane Olson recently did a bedroom floor and carried the leather tile up the wall to create a leather “headboard” on the wall. Traditions in Tile has an installation you can look at, touch and feel in their Alpharetta Showroom.

Commercially, leather tile from Idaho Leather Co. has been used in judges offices, casinos, corporate conference rooms and lobbies.

Lastly, installation is simple: prep the floors so it is smooth and clean, then spray “3M90” contact cement on the floor or wall, and lay the tile. It is recommended that a professional tile installer be used, as the tiles cannot be moved once they come in contact with the adhesive.

With ease of cleaning-vacuum, damp mop and blot dry spills, these floors are as easy to clean and maintain as any hardwood floor.

With so many colors to choose from, and many different finishes, leather tile is a wonderful option for that space that needs a warm, softly worn feel!

– Andrew Brown is the President of Traditions in Tile and Stone 


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